Become one with your fellow humans on the world’s first NFT Artchain.

We all want to feel connected to something larger than ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to express.

Found in Voids is the first-ever Artchain by visual storyteller Kerry Shaw that uses Blockchain technology to create NFTs. The Artchain is an artistic representation of ourselves on the Human Blockchain.

You can purchase our NFTs which will be used for a section of the chain that represents you. We do this by co-creating the work together, and you can choose whatever topic you want for your section.

If you are interested in taking part in the project, or just want to follow our progress, sign up below to learn more. We will notify you when the genesis section drops on Opensea.

Reactions to the Found in Voids artchain:

“Holy f*ck what is this!”

“I’m transformed.”

“How can I help?”